About us

Welcome to LSCONLINE!

LSConline is a PREMIER online shopping platform for sporting footwear, apparel and accessories. The Website caters international brands and Local brand STARSPORT

With the strength of an integrated hub for products design and development, market sharing and distribution, advantage of stores positioning and the resources to obtain trust and confidence from renowned international brands, we were able to get appointed as ADIDAS and PUMA’s authorized dealer.

YOU may choose from various ready stocks, games season special and request add on printing services for your order for more FUN and UNIQUE personalized own aspiration. For individual and corporate with “tailor-made” needs for sporting and official functions and activities, you may enquire with our live customer service assistant for order requirements and quotations.

Check out our Website from time to time for surprises and great discount! We also give PRIORITY E-RETAILING and E-WHOLESALING to our ELITE member in return for greater flexibility and entitlement. Register for FREE and get PRIVILEGE news for LIMITED and SPECIAL product’s launching.

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